Poppy the troll cake


Well when I decided to take on a 3 D carved cake of Poppy the troll for my daughters 3rd birthday cake little did I truly know the enormity of the task.

I baked five 6 inch layers and four  8 inch layers and one  4 inch layer of vanilla cake. Then I began to stack then on a cake frame. She grew bigger and bigger and bigger!!

I was up til 2am 2 nights in a row and worked through out the days (the things we do for love)

It was my first attempt at a major carved 3D figure, its why I wanted to do it for my Emilia.

All the decoration must have taken around 12 hours, I tried to keep true to poppy’s look and appearance and colour.

In the end it looked similar to poppy, if a little too bumpy as cake often is when carved and covered with butter cream. I would like to aim for a smooth look next time.

My little girl was amazed by it. It was so heavy my husband had to carry it to birthday table.

I think she tasted good too, plenty of cake to feed the whole party plus my daughters nursery class haha! Too much!

I am still recovering from the exhaustion so I am in no rush to make another haha!

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