What are you looking for?

Beautiful cakes? Great tasting?  Competitive prices?

We are a home based cake company in Moreton, Wirral, Merseyside. A little peninsula between Liverpool and Wales.

We are dedicated to providing you with the cake you’ve always dreamed of, that tastes as good as it looks, with a life time of baking experience teamed with over 5 years decorating experience.

Using fresh ingredients, no preservatives, few “E” numbers we make beautiful favoured cakes unlike anything you can buy in a supermarket!

We cater for any dietary need, with experience in dairy free, vegan, gluten free cakes. I am confident we can create a super special cake based on your requirements.

Whether its a birthday, christening, retirement, wedding, cake smash we can make a cake to suit any occasion!



Where it all began:

“For the love of cake”

So I have been baking my whole life but its only since my daughters first birthday that I began to learn to decorate. It was down to me ordering a dairy free cake for my daughters 1st birthday, from a local baker, costing me a fortune she made me a milk and egg free cake which tasted AWFUL!

I couldn’t believe it, since i knew I could make a better tasting cake I knew it was only the decorating skill I lacked!

“Have your cake and eat it”

So then I began to study, previously I studied textile crafts at university so I very much enjoyed developing my new skills. Exercising my drawing and sculpting abilities what lots of fun.

Of course my skills took time to improve but finally I feel confident to produce anything I am asked to.

So please send me you photos, your thoughts and Cake desires, I promise to do my best!