Milk free cakes

I was extremely grateful to meet a lovely customer who had struggled to get her daughter any celebration cakes due to her daughter’s milk allergy.

I felt terrible that she hadn’t discovered me sooner as her daughter is now 18.

This has prompted me to make this blog to let customers know I am here and ready to produce milk free masterpieces.

My Cake decorating story starts with my own daughter’s milk allergy.

When she was born her projectile vomit and green diarrhea didn’t make sense until we found out about her allergy.

On her first birthday I ordered a dairy free Cake from a lovely local Cake maker.

I knew I was very capable of making a nice sponge but I couldn’t decorate to save my life.

Anyway we received a beautiful Cake but it tasted awful!! She had made a vegan cake and a bad one at that.

I couldn’t understand why a baker would not know that eggs are not dairy, dairy is only milk containing products like butter.

So it was unnecessary for her to go to the effort of a vegan cake (no egg or milk)

It was after this disaster of a Cake that I thought.. well I can make great milk free cakes & biscuits I just have to learn the decorating side of things.

Here I am now 7 years later, I completed many beginner decorating courses and sugar flower courses. Eventually taking an abc award city & guild in Cake decorating.

Anyway I’m here to let you know u know the difference between a dairy allergy, egg allergy, celiacs and vegans!

I am so glad I could help Laura enjoy a lovely 18th birthday with a Cake she can eat all for herself!

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