3 Weddings and a Birthday

Well as the old proverb goes when you’re waiting forever for 1 bus then they all come at once, something like that anyway .

Well thats exactly what happened to me and wedding cakes!

No less than 3 wedding cakes in 3 weeks then 2 birthday cakes to top it off .

First came chocolate drip HEAVEN!


4 big tiers of delicious chocolate cake !! Smothered in chocolate ganache decorated with chocolate drip strawberries, its a show stopper for any wedding but not only that, on the other side I have traditional white wedding cake to appear as thought it is being peeled away to reveal CHOCOLATE!!


I didn’t realise when I booked both these wedding cakes they were actually less than a week apart! So here comes the next one ..

Calla Lilly Heaven


4 grey roses all hand made by me and 30 Lilly’s in plain and purple.

All vanilla cakes on this one, I do love cascading sugar flowers 💖


The third and finally wedding cake was a last minute booking for a friend in desperation needless to say I was exhausted by this point but still had enough drive to get this 4 tier completed. Vanilla with fruit on top, fabric roses as my hands couldn’t make anymore haha !

This last one is actually my favorite, sweet simple and elegant, beautiful colours !

It didn’t end there oh no! My immune system had given up on me so I spent several days in bed with a cold before pulling a virtual all nighter getting these 2 done. For one of my best customers who has been with me since the beginning, I’ve made her daughters cakes since she was 2 years old, I just love it!!

Good old Pikatu matched with Batman theme lower tier.

Then Miraculous lady bug, my girls also love this so was great making her, plus matching girly Batman lower tier.

What great fun!

Now I’m off to sleep for a good 3 weeks!

Need a cake? Get in touch ..

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