Blues brothers

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This week I attempted one of my most ambitious cakes in terms of size and sculpting, this cake contained 2 10 inch Vanilla cakes stacked and 2 tall 6 inch cakes stacked, red velvet and chocolate, it weighed a ton!

It featured Graham and was to help him celebrate his 60th birthday, he is a blues brothers fan and plays trombone in his band, all of whom I was honoured to meet when I dropped his cake off at party!

His favourite blues brothers song is “everybody needs somebody to love” I wrote the first 2 lines of trombone music on the side of the cake just to take it to the next level of personalisation. I know he liked it, I just hope he enjoyed eating it too.

It was one of my busiest weeks this week, typical to coincide with my kids Easter holiday. I enjoyed very much creating these super hero cakes, great to do a girl one and so much fun creating all the pieces to go on the number 2 cake! Happy birthday to all.

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