More cake smash and more cakes!



So I have had an incredibly busy few weeks, I’m in the middle of a personal best of 5 cakes in 1 week, 3 or which are tiered cakes!

Plus a rainbow cake smash creation I can’t wait to finish and show you.

Firstly cake smash I get to show off my creations in use hooray!

My bear creation, I just love this one, bear bunting, bear hat plus matching tie, pants and cake! All creation by us at Pems cakes.


I created both blue and brown because I couldn’t decide which I loved the most, plus photographer had extra choice.

Full cake smash outfits including both sets £45.

Next cakes cakes and more.. yes cakes!

18th birthday pretty horse creation with matching cupcakes total £65

Fore-tee th birthday golfer David (40th)


My new take on “cheese cake” for my dads birthday, cake that looks like Stilton and Edam!


Well last but not least a cute little elephant 1st birthday.

My week is far from over, soon to come paw patrol and blues brother.. watch this space…

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