Earth cake

Well I managed to make my “world cake” although it did not quite go as planned.

After several attempts with my 10 inch half sphere cake tin I eventually gave us and went with a much more manageable 8 inch half sphere!

Feeling the cake needed a little extra to give it that centre piece look I also baked 2 tiers of extra cake so final piece was pretty impressive!


The lady this cake belongs too lives a 4 hour drive from me so I kept 2 tiers separate from the globe for travel purposes. Also the topper that goes on the globe was kept separate too but I took a quick photo of it in place when I tested it.


Sheila is travelling to New Zealand after her 70th birthday celebrations and this surprise birthday cake was to reflect her travel plans, so the back of her cake had her final destination..


What is your dream piece of cake art?

Also this week came my usual creations for Pam’s pony parties


Very pretty in pink.

My last creation of the week is my long awaited Mickey mouse cake smash sets!


Look forward to seeing cute photos of these 🙂

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